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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Porque já so faltam 2 semanas... ou menos...

It was christmas eve babeIn the drunk tankAn old man said to me,wont see another oneAnd then he sang a songThe rare old mountain dewI turned my face awayAnd dreamed about youGot on a lucky oneCame in eighteen to oneI've got a feelingThis years for me and youSo happy christmasI love you babyI can see a better timeWhen all our dreams come trueThey've got cars big as barsThey've got rivers of goldBut the wind goes right through youIt's no place for the oldWhen you first took my handOn a cold christmas eveYou promised meBroadway was waiting for meYou were handsomeYou were prettyQueen of new york cityWhen the band finished playingThey howled out for moreSinatra was swinging,All the drunks they were singingWe kissed on a cornerThen danced through the nightThe boys of the nypd choirWere singing galway bayAnd the bells were ringing outFor christmas dayYou're a bumYou're a punkYou're an old slut on junkLying there almost dead on a drip in that bedYou scumbag,you maggotYou cheap lousy faggotHappy christmas your arseI pray God its our lastI could have been someoneWell so could anyoneYou took my dreams from meWhen I first found youI kept them with me babeI put them with my ownCan't make it all aloneI've built my dreams around you
The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York

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