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Monday, July 09, 2007

Booooooommmmmm Diaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Everybody makes mistakesBut i feel alright when i come undoneYou are not making me waitBut it seems alright as long as something's happeningI try to make you lateBut you fighting me off like a fire doesYou try making me waitBut it feels alright as long as something's happeningGet your payments from the nationFor your trials and tribulationsYou try to make me waitYou come around when it's come undoneEverybody makes you lateAnd it's never youBecause you're always thinkingI try making you waitAnd give you me some like you give it goodEverybody makes mistakesBut it seems it's mine that always keep on stingingGet your payments from the nationFor your trials and tribulations x2you try making me waitbut you come undonewhen you come undone everybody makes mistakesbut it's always minethat seem to keep on sticking getyour payments from the nation for your trials and tribulations x5


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